Best Books of 2020 (So Far)

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When you read a book a week, you always need a book in advance. Given the amount of books produced in the world, it is possible to go from good book to good book without ever making a faux pas .

I usually look for my next book among the most popular books of the moment. I have been practicing this method for 3 years and it has never failed me.

I just discovered this week the existence of an official page on Amazon that lists the most downloaded books of the year. With a daily update!

You can also search previous years. That's just awesome! This week, I'm reading "Normal People: A Novel" by Sally Rooney. So far, so good.


“That afternoon he went to her house after school. All the way over in the car he kept the radio on very loud so he didn’t have to think about what he was doing. When they went upstairs he didn’t say anything, he let her talk. That’s so good, she kept saying. That feels so good. Her body was all soft and white like flour dough. He seemed to fit perfectly inside her. Physically it just felt right, and he understood why people did insane things for sexual reasons then. In fact he understood a lot of things about the adult world that had previously seemed mysterious. But why Marianne? It wasn’t like she was so attractive. Some people thought she was the ugliest girl in school. What kind of person would want to do this with her? And yet he was there, whatever kind of person he was, doing it. She asked him if it felt good and he pretended he didn’t hear her. She was on her hands and knees so he couldn’t see her facial expression or read into it what she was thinking. After a few seconds she said in a much smaller voice: Am I doing something wrong? He closed his eyes. No, he said. I like it.” -

Normal People - Sally Rooney


I fell in love with Bondi Beach. I lived there for the first six months of the year. When I left, out of nostalgia, I created a playslist that reminds me of this little piece of paradise.

10 hours of electro, house, beach vibes and colorful music > CLICK HERE


  • Life is as simple as these three questions: What do I want? Why do I want it? And, how will I achieve it?”


If you like to travel, Lexie is "THE GOAT"! Why ? Because she is the youngest person to travel to every country. Yes, you read it right. She visited all 196 countries in the world when she was 21.

Quick calculation: if she started when she was 10, that's an average of 17 countries per year, or more than one new country every month!

She even did a TEDx...


  • 60 minutes in the pool

When the pools reopen, the training sessions are back! Here is my program for my first Parisian pool session of the year!

  • 3X > 100m crawl + 100m brasses + 100m crawl + 1'30 rest

  • 4X > 100m crawl pullboy + 100m (50 bras droit +50 bras gauches) + 100 (X2 (25 vite + 25 souple)) + 1' rest

  • Finish on 100m smooth.

Below is the pool at Bondi Beach, where I used to go every day.
I miss it so much!


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