Bucket list: there are two kinds of people (which one are you?)

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I'm just finishing reading the book “The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho” and this passage caught my attention. I think it sums up well the two categories of people on earth. On the one hand, those who have dreams and make them come true. On the other hand, those who have dreams, but are simply content to dream.

"You, you dream of sheep and pyramids. You're not like me, because you want to make your dreams come true. All I want is to dream of Mecca. I have already imagined thousands of times crossing the desert and arriving at the place where the Sacred Stone is. I have already imagined who will be at my side, who will be in front of me, the words and prayers that we will exchange and say together. But I am afraid that it will be a huge disappointment, so I prefer to be content with dreaming. »

Since I've been working on Timeleft, I've become aware of this split. We've managed to inspire thousands of people to create their bucket lists. But since then, nothing has really changed. I wasn't sure how to explain it. But I think I've figured it out: Some people just don't want to fulfill their dreams.

In the rest of the story, we see that change is possible, that a person who fulfills his dreams can inspire a person (of the other category) to realize his dreams.

"You've been a blessing to me. And today I understand one thing: every blessing that is not accepted becomes a curse. I no longer expect anything from life. And you are forcing me to glimpse riches and horizons that I had never imagined. So, now that I know them, and I know my immense possibilities, I'm going to feel much worse than I did before. Because I know I can have it all, but I don't want it. »

This energy that one creates within oneself when one fulfills a dream can be communicated to others. So we have a strong mission with Timeleft, to bring together all those who have dreams and all those who know how to make them come true. To increase the vibration of as many people as possible!

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  • “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” - Paulo Coelho


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  • Why is it the smallest thing that makes us the happiest?


  • 43 minutes // 8km

20min soft jogging +

In a climb:
4x (15 sec sprint uphill / 20sec soft downhill)
4x (30 sec sprint uphill / 20sec soft downhill)
4x (15 sec sprint uphill / 20sec soft downhill)

+Finish with 15 min soft jogging.


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