The first thing that blocks us in (really) everything

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Making dreams come true is like sports. We can learn it. Between the ages of 30 and 35, I fulfilled over 200 dreams. I'm about to fulfill 100 more this year (and become 36) with my full-time “bucket list” job. I also coach dozens of people since the beginning of the year, in completely different dreams, such as getting back to running, finding a new job or setting up a morning routine.

I've discovered something, the first thing that blocks us in everything. Literally in everything. It's about "time". When you are a "beginner" in realizing your dreams, time will play against you.

You've probably already experienced a similar situation: at a dinner with friends, you begin to imagine what you want to accomplish in a year. You're motivated. You realize that you have a very strong desire to fulfill a particular dream. It is not necessarily a complicated dream, it's even a dream that you know the next steps to make it happen.

BUT this is where time enters the game and will play against you.

The more time passes, the more complicated your dream will become. It was simple and accessible at the beginning, and every day that passes, you're going to add conditions, things to do before you start.

Why? Because your brain (and your ego) will try to discourage you from getting out of your comfort zone. It's normal, that's their job.

To avoid this, I recommend three things to do quickly:

  1. To take action as soon as you want to do something, a first step as small as possible, the same evening or the next morning, and to keep moving every day.

  2. Become aware that your brain is playing against you, realizing that it is afraid of the unknown and that it is up to you to show it the way.

  3. Involve a friend in the process, become accountable to someone close to you.

> I need a dream coach <


  • “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it” - Eckhart Tolle


Thanks to thermal vision (along with 12 different pending patents), this AI assistant chef is helping to address the challenges facing quick-service restaurants and cloud kitchens:

  • Economical: Flippy’s low hourly cost can give quick-service restaurants a 300% lift in margins

  • Scalable: Flippy has cooked 60K+ lbs of fried food and 12K+ burgers, and counting!

  • Responsible: Flippy makes for a safer work environment by keeping human workers away from dirty and dangerous kitchen tasks 


I don't follow many instagram “food” account because it makes me want to eat all the time! Raphaële is the exception. I'm addicted to "Banana Bred" and I came across hers (picture here). Love at first sight. (I'm talking about the cake, huh). And since then, I like every meal she cooks!

Ps : I had a chance to work with her with my previous start-up. She's as nice as what she posts!


  • What is my relationship to the present moment?


  • 60 minutes in the pool

When the pools reopen, the training sessions are back! Here is my program for my first Parisian pool session of the year!

  • 3X > 100m crawl + 100m brasses + 100m crawl + 1'30 rest

  • 4X > 100m crawl pullboy + 100m (50 bras droit +50 bras gauches) + 100 (X2 (25 vite + 25 souple)) + 1' rest

  • Finish on 100m smooth.

Below is the pool at Bondi Beach, where I used to go every day.
I miss it so much!


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