The importance of making your dreams measurable (to achieve them)

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At Timeleft, we receive hundreds of new dreams every week. Some of them are measurable like "running a 10k in September" and some are not measurable at all like "being productive" or "being more athletic".

People are often resistant to the idea of making their dreams "measurable". But without it, it is impossible to achieve them. Let me explain.

Making your dream "measurable" does not mean taking away all its "beauty". When you decide to conquer a dream, you have to define a plan to achieve it, between now (point A) and its achievement (point B). So you need a direction and a "distance to go". If your dream is not measurable, you will never know if you are moving in the right direction and whether you are getting closer or not.

Let's take the most common dreams of the people I've been coaching > Losing weight. Here are the questions I ask them:

how many kilos? why would you want to lose weight? Lose fat or muscle? How much do you weigh now? What is the goal? In how much time? How many kilos per week? Lose weight or gain muscle? Lose weight overall or just your lower belly?

The classic mistake is to arbitrarily choose an objective (ex: "I want to lose 5kgs) and to rely on its "ikea" scale to follow its evolution. This method will get you nowhere, particularly as in 99% of cases, people want to lose "fat" and not "weight". This makes a fundamental difference on the goal to follow.

If your scale doesn't know the difference between "muscle" and "fat", then you never know if you are losing "fat". Yes, it seems obvious, but no one ever thinks about it. You can gain muscle, get slimmer and yet have the number on your scale not move. This is normal because muscle weighs more than fat.

Still not convinced? Let's take another example: "Spend more time with the people I love." Here are the questions I ask them:

Who are the people you love? How much time a week do you spend with them? Why do you feel that this is not enough right now? How much more time would you like to spend with them? How much time have you spent with them over the last 30 days (point A)? What would be a reasonable goal for the next 30 days (point B)?

So you'll understand, the more specific you are about what you are trying to achieve, the better chance you have of getting there.

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  • “If you limit your goals to what you know you can achieve, you are setting the bar way too low”- Ray Dalio


Epic just premiered a new short mocking Apple shortly after the iPhone-maker kicked Fortnite from the App Store for violating its guidelines on Thursday. The short, titled “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite,” directly mocks Apple’s iconic “1984” ad, taking famous imagery from the ad and giving it a cartoony Fortnite twist.

And for those of you who don't know the 1984 ad, here it is!


Elie is a young Creative Director and Social Media Expert. I stumbled upon his instagram account, and I loved it right away!

It's good to see so much creativity in one place.


  • What am I holding on to that I need to let go of?


Considered the hardest triathlon in the world, the Norseman is the holy grail for all triathletes. The race is "unsupported" so competitors need to have personal back up crews that follow them with cars to provide them with food and drink. The support crews also have to accompany their competitor up the final mountain climb due to the inherent dangers of being highly fatigued on a mountain. During this final mountain climb competitors are required to carry a backpack containing emergency food and clothing should the weather turn, whilst they are on the mountain.


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