The price I pay for being me

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For those who don't know me, I started a long transformation of myself almost 6 years ago (on my 30th birthday). I went in search of answers about myself, challenging myself (hard sometimes) and testing a lot of personal development methods.

I wanted to understand why I felt that being more and more "myself" was taking me down a path where I felt more and more alone. I'm starting to realize there's a "price to pay" for being me.

To be myself is to be fully in my energy, in this vision of the world where everyone wakes up inspired to fulfill their dreams. My vibration level has never been as high as it is today. I get dozens of messages each day, from people I inspire, who want me to continue to document my adventures and share what I learn.

But on the other hand, it reinforces this inaccessible, "control freak" and too intense image. As if my energy is good from a distance, online, to take inspirational shots, but when you're too close, it dries you out.

Thanks to my 6 months abroad, Vipassana and my solo bicycle journey around New Zealand, I have finally learned to be alone, to be happy alone. But I also realized that true happiness can be found only when shared with others.

I work to accept that the path I have chosen, that of inspiring as many people as possible to achieve their dreams, that of showing that everything is possible, has a price to pay: being alone.

Isn't it true? Who would accept to live next to a fuel cell, where everything is a challenge, where everything is always more, where the intensity never fades.

I don't think you'll learn much from this newsletter. Maybe another side of me. Anyway, it feels good to write all this. I'm going to end with this wonderful analogy given by an Australian friend:

"Maxime, you're going to find someone who will be like a boat's sail. She will be able to take your energy when she needs to move the boat forward, but she will also be able to put herself perpendicular to your energy to float, stay still and enjoy the view".


“People who give less attention to what they have to say than to how they will say it” - Seneca


Initially sold at 13 euros, the shoes are now offered at 465 euros on the Internet. In France, the products are not sold. "We don't have a next sale date planned, but we'll pass on internally your wish to see them in our supermarkets," said the company's Twitter account in response to an Internet user this Thursday.


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  • Joe Rogan - How To Workout Smarter

This video is very interesting! Firas Zahabi explains the importance of focusing on consistency rather than intensity in training. His explanation is really relevant and will make you think.

Especially, if like me, you like to be "in the red zone" at each training.


  • The Beep Test (or PACER Fitness Test)

Start each interval on the beep. Wait for beep to leave.
Two consecutive missed beeps is the end of the test.


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