How to know "objectively" if your nutrition is going in the right direction

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First of all, sorry for these 5 days without a newsletter! I was in the middle of climbing Mont Blanc. I'm going to write a summary of my adventure on my blog by tomorrow!

For those of you who have been following me for the last 3 months, you know that I have taken a passion for nutrition. I take online courses, I read books on the subject and above all I experiment on myself! I recommend you to read my 2 previous newsletters on the subject: here and there.

Today I'd like to talk to you about a new exercise I've set up. It is extremely simple but it allows you to close all possible debates you may have with yourself about your diet, in order to make you feel less guilty!

As you know, the ultimate rule in nutrition is this: intake (what you consume as a calorie) < outake (what you burn as a calorie) = weight loss

Now that we know this, you also know that we are very bad at judging this. We always overestimate the number of calories we burn and we always underestimate the number of calories we consume. So we don't understand why "we're not losing weight when we're trying so hard". At least that's what we think. Here's a simple exercise to remove the subjectivity that distorts reality.

On the one hand, with my Garmin, I have the number of calories I burn every day. The number is not 100% reliable but it allows me to have at least one number to track. On the other hand, with MyFitnessPal, I have the number of calories consumed each day (as well as macro-nutrients).

You just have to put these two data in a simple google sheet to see if you are going in the right direction or not. If you take my example from August, you can clearly see that I'm losing weight!

I see it subjectively in the mirror, but I can now confirm it objectively. This reassures me and, above all, the monthly average helps me to be less hard on myself when I do "calorie benefit" days.

For those who wonder how long it takes me to track all this: just 5 minutes every week! I know this may seem "too much" to you, but I recommend that you test at least over 30 days to see for yourself. If you want to set this up, don't hesitate to ask me questions.

I've got a question


  • “Inexperienced people can have great ideas too, sometimes far better ones than more experienced people.” - Ray Dalio


Jelani Memory needed a creative break from his other startup. So he wrote a book for his children: “A Kids Book About Racism.” The little ones dug it, and his friends and colleagues encouraged him to write more.So last year he launched a D2C publishing platform called A Kids Book About.

Memory wanted to help parents have straightforward talks with their kids about tough topics. The company can write and distribute books within 45 days (traditional publishers take 18 months) and pays its authors a 10% cut (the industry standard is 6%). There are currently 25 titles covering issues like bullying, divorce, and cancer.

The day after the death of George Floyd, the company sold a month’s worth of product. The next day, sales doubled. And they doubled again the next day. Within 10 days, A Kids Book About had made $1m+ in revenue. Memory was already in talks with investors when sales spiked, and he raised $1m in seed money.


The products on Benedetto’s list shared a theme: They solved non-existent problems. He started off with a pair of chopsticks that snap onto the bottom of Apple Airpods.

Benedetto bought a 3D printer, taught himself how to use Fusion 360 (a 3D design program), and had the final product printed out in a few days. He posted his invention to Reddit, with the caption, “I like to design products for fun that no one is asking for.” Miraculously, the post hit the front page of the social site and garnered 54k upvotes.

Benedetto acted quickly on his front-page fame. Under the moniker Unnecessary Inventions, he launched a website, an Instagram, and a YouTube account and began building as many as 7 new inventions each week.

More than a year later, Benedetto has cranked out 187 “unnecessary” inventions.


  • What are the minority of my actions that drive the majority of my results?


  • 480 reps / time : 15 to 30 min

50x Pushups + 20x Crunches + 50x Squats
Go for 4 rounds. If you do it in less than 15min, you’re are in a pretty good shape !

How to do : Pushups ? / Crunches ? / Squats ?


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