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For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that I regularly advocate the "daily content" strategy. We understand that going to the gym every day can bring quick results (on your body), but we find it hard to understand that creating content every day can have the same effect (on your creativity).

The strength of "daily content" lies in the associated creative constraint. You have to post content every day. Every day becomes a constraint, a framework that forces you to develop your creativity.

Now that we've said that, how do we come up with content ideas in the beginning?

Don't worry, because it's not the beginning that's the hardest, but to stick with it over time. In the beginning, you're probably gonna have a lot to say. After 20/30 days, it can get complicated!

That's why you must quickly realize that the world around you is a source of unlimited content. Every meeting, every situation, every discussion, every reading is a source of potential content. Don't try to start from a blank page every morning, improvise from your daily life.

Take me as an example:

To get back to the discussion, take the first topic you can think of that took place between now and yesterday. Write it down on a piece of paper, then ask yourself, "What can I tell you about it?". Write a few bullet-points, then 1 or 2 sentences and the rest will follow.

At the beginning, it may take some time, especially to set up the distribution and the "shape of your content", but using Daily Content, your execution speed will quickly increase!

It took me 200 minutes to make the first DailyMax, it took me 60min for the one you're reading right now.


  • "Take a simple idea and take it seriously." - Charlie Munger


A good morning routine starts the night before. It is not necessarily "getting up early" that is the hardest, but often "going to bed early". This video made by Casey explains the subject perfectly, especially from 9m34s. It explains the importance of "switching" the "unproductive" hours of the evening with the "productive" hours of the morning.

But once again, the important thing is what you do with the 16 hours awake (if you sleep 8 hours a day like me!) at your disposal. If you are efficient (and happy like that) from 10pm to 4am, don't change anything!


“How are you, really?” It’s a question many of us are hearing (and asking) frequently these days. And it’s just one of the sentiments that drives Koreen Odiney, creator and CEO of We’re Not Really Strangers.

When Odiney launched the game We’re Not Really Strangers (also known as WNRS, pronounced ‘winners’) in November 2018, she was equipped with a laser-focused ‘why’: “To empower people to make meaningful connections.”

A few months later, his instagram account surpasses 2 million subscribers!


  • Which areas of my life are in maintenance mode? Which areas are in growth mode?


  • How Bad Do You Want It?

Sorry it's not a workout! But I stumbled upon this incredible video, known by all the fans of " self-improvement ". this video montage (+46 millions views!) made by Matt Howell, uses the images of an American pro footballer with the voice-over of Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher).

Thrills at every listen...


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